San Juan Capistrano, CA: has been named by Restaurant Business magazine as one of the “50 Great Ideas for Restaurants,” at a time when eateries that have instituted take home wine programs have seen big jumps in bottled wine sales.

“Not only are these restaurants allowing their customers a broader choice of wines but they are also helping patrons to drink more responsibly,” said Bob Beck, Executive Vice President of, the leading provider of the take-home wine doggy bag.

Ryan Studt, wine manager at M&S Grill in Kansas City said that wine doggy bags have taken the fear out of ordering a bottle of wine, especially for single diners.

“The new wine laws have opened up a world of opportunity that diners have wholeheartedly embraced beyond our expectations,” Studt said.  “Sales have jumped now that guests can take full advantage of a restaurant’s wine list and not worry about wasting.”

Among the thousands of restaurants that have ordered the wine doggy bag is Skies Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in Kansas City where General Manager Todd Schnieders said “I received the wine doggy bags, broke them out at line-up and immediately used one to help sell a nice bottle of Pinot Noir.  By making patrons aware of this new law, we see it as a means to allow them to try wines that are not available by the glass.”

The enactment of wine doggy bag laws in Nebraska, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois and Ohio bring to 35 the number of states where a wine doggy bag can be found.

Products available through have been endorsed by restaurant associations throughout the country.  Latest additions to the product line include a wine doggy bag to fit the larger 1.5 liter magnum bottles as well as marketing materials to keep patrons informed of the new laws.

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