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WHO IS WINEDOGGYBAG.COM? is a group of restaurant loving and wine drinking people and one handsome Australian Shepherd. We were talking (and barking) one day about the woe of leaving unfinished bottles of wine at the dinner table.

You see, up until recently, patrons in some states couldn’t remove a partially consumed bottle of wine from a restaurant. THAT’S ALL CHANGED!!!

All states now allow you the pleasure of finishing your wine at home. Many require, and others recommend, that the bottles be taken from the restaurant in sealed and tamper-proof wine to go bags so as not to be in violation of open container laws.


We manufacture tamper-proof, transparent, one time use bags in both 750ml and 1.5L sizes that allow restaurant patrons to take home unfinished bottles of wine. These bags meet or exceed the requirements of those states that have enacted, what has become known as wine-to-go, cork and carry, wine doggy bag or merlot to go laws. We believe these laws will encourage responsible drinking and, at the same time, lead to an increase in the sale of bottled wines.  That’s because patrons won’t feel they must finish a bottle of wine or “waste” its contents.

BUT IT’S UP TO YOU, the server, maitre’d, manager or owner to make your guests aware of these new laws and for that reason, provides marketing tips and materials for your use.

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