“Love your product. Sales have increased since we started using wine doggy bags.”
Dustin R, Manger, Multi-Unit Casual Dining Establishment

“We would not have sold a $250 bottle without the wine doggy bag to allow our patron to take home their unfinished wine.”
Danielle M, Manager, Independent Fine Dining Establishment

“You guys are awesome! I received the (custom) wine doggy bags and loved them.”
Tracye D, Owner, Wine Franchise

“We are very happy with the bags and find them very nice.”
Alexandra A, Asst. Director, Food and Beverage, Five Star Hotel

“I was extremely pleased with the speed, efficiency and quality of the service and products.”
Doug S., Owner, Multi-Unit Casual Dining Establishment

“An average of two-three customers a day asks to take home their unfinished bottle of wine. We began offering this service in Summer 2005 and it’s been very good for business. It’s something customers always requested. Now if you have a group that wants to sample different wines, each can order a bottle and take it home.”
Diego I, Manager, Independent Casual Dining Establishment

“The new wine doggy bag law has opened a whole new world of opportunity wholeheartedly embraced beyond expectations. Sales have jumped now that guests can take full advantage of the wine list and not worry about wasting. Wine Doggy Bags have taken the fear out of ordering a bottle of wine, especially for single diners that wouldn’t have considered it before.”
Ryan S, Wine Manager, Multi-Unit Fine Dining Establishment

“Got the shipment today, broke it out at line-up and already used one to help sell a nice bottle of Williamette Valley Pinot Noir. We will have them in our two other outlets in the hotel by the end of next week. Everyone seems very excited about the idea.”
Todd S, Food and Beverage Manager, Multi-Unit Hotel

“I started with the 25 pack thinking it would last a couple of months. I ran out after a week. I greatly underestimated how popular the wine doggy bags would be with my customers. Go for the 100 pack – you will use them.”
Jerry W, Manager, Multi-Unit Steakhouse