Release Date:
April 20, 2006

Contacts: KRA Stacy Roof, 502-896-0464
WineDoggyBag.Com, Robert J, Beck 800-401-9014

Louisville, KY – With the passage of the recent “wine doggy bag” law, the Kentucky Restaurant Association announced a partnership with to provide take home bags meeting the intent of this law. provides such bags to other states with similar laws.

Stacy Roof, President/CEO of KRA said “the passage of this law provides significant benefits to both our membership and its patrons. We are pleased to partner with, also an Association member, to make wine doggy bags available in advance of the implementation of the law.” In addition to its standard offerings, members can also have their logos imprinted on the wine doggy bags.

The specific legislation requires in part that before the partially consumed bottle of wine is to be removed it must be “securely sealed and placed in a tamper-proof, transparent tamper evident bag”. manufactures and markets wine doggy bags that meet the specific requirements of Kentucky law. Realizing that, while restaurants are familiar with the law, consumers are less likely to be aware of its enactment, Wine also provides table tents, menu/wine list labels, window decals and compliance certificates to educate patrons.

Bob Beck, Executive Vice President of commented that their experience has “shown that having wine doggy bags available increases the sale of bottled wine and insures that a restaurant does not have to refuse a patron’s request to take home unfinished wine. In addition, it gives patrons the opportunity to drink more responsibly.”

For more information, visit For information on ordering wine doggy bags, visit or call them toll free at 800 401-9014.