MISSISSIPPI PASSES “Responsible Wine Consumption Act” LAW
Bill allows for customers to take home partially consumed bottles of wine

With the passage of HB1434, Mississippians will soon be able to take their unfinished bottle of wine home from a hotel, restaurant or club.  There are some rules, though, including the need for the bottle to be placed in a bag “that is secured in such a manner so that it will be visibly apparent if the bag is opened.”

Winedoggybag.com llc manufactures and markets a tamper-evident, transparent, single-use take home wine doggy bag® that meets Mississippi state requirements for the removal of a partially consumed bottle of wine from a restaurant, hotel or club.  Once sealed by the server, the wine doggy bag cannot be reopened without tearing or cutting it making it no longer a closed container.  Wine doggy bags® have been in use since 2005 and meet the requirements of all states with similar laws.

There are many benefits of this new law for both consumers and restaurateurs.  Experience has shown that restaurants whose staff talks to patrons about this law will sell more bottled wine; servers will get larger tips; and tables will turn over faster since a patron no longer has to linger over their wine.  Patrons, on the other hand, will buy a bottle rather than a glass or that second bottle knowing they can enjoy the unfinished wine at home. They will enjoy the larger selection to choose from and they’ll drink more responsibly.

“In this economy” says Robert J. Beck, Executive Vice President of Winedoggybag.com llc, “introducing a law that has the potential to increase restaurant revenues while, at the same time, saving consumers money seems to be a win-win situation for all.”  Most restaurateurs agree as does the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association who helped in the passage of this bill.

“This bill can encourage the sales of bottled wine without encouraging excessive consumption. It can be a great marketing tool for restaurants to build sales and profit,” states Mike Cashion, Executive Director of the MHRA. The legislation goes into effect July 1, 2009

MHRA members are eligible for a discounted price.  When ordering on-line or by telephone, use coupon code 1434 for a 10% discount.  For further information or to order wine doggy bags, visit www.winedoggybag.com, email info@winedoggybag.com or call (800) 401-9014.

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