September 20, 2006

ORA, WineDoggyBag.com Partnership
Provides Answer to Re-Corking Legislation
Restaurant Customers Welcome to Bring Home Liquid Leftovers

COLUMBUS – Beginning today, Ohio law permits restaurant customers to take home an unfinished bottle of wine they have purchased from the establishment.  However, the bottle must be securely resealed by the permit holder or one of its employees.

Since the new legislation was signed into law, questions have arisen about how to reseal wine bottles, as the law suggests, “in such a manner that it is visibly apparent if the bottle has been subsequently opened or tampered with.”

A new partnership between the Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) and WineDoggyBag.com takes all of the guesswork out of resealing bottles of wine.  WineDoggyBag.com is a website and a vendor from San Juan Capistrano, CA, that provides take home bags which meet the intent of the law.

“We are pleased to enter into this partnership with WineDoggyBag.com,” said ORA President and CEO Geoff Hetrick.  “Restaurant owners should consider taking advantage of this new product to further limit any potential liability exposure the new law might cause.”

The ORA selected WineDoggyBag.com as its exclusive supplier of wine doggy bags because of the company’s experience with other state restaurant associations.  Ohio is the 17th state to be served by WineDoggyBag.com.

Wine Doggy Bags 2-2-2

“Our experience shows that having wine doggy bags available increases the sale of bottled wine and insures that a restaurant does not have to refuse a patron’s request to take home unfinished wine,” said Bob Beck, Executive Vice President of WineDoggyBag.com.  “In addition, our product actually gives patrons the opportunity to drink more responsibly.”

Wine doggy bags meet state requirements for the removal of partially consumed bottles of wine. They are tamper proof and transparent utilizing tamper-resistant adhesive closures. They are made of high strength durable film with heat sealed seams. All have comfortable handles.

Restaurants can customize the wine doggy bags with their logos.  WineDoggyBag.com also provides table tents, menu/wine list labels, window decals and compliance certificates to educate patrons.

For more information or to order wine doggy bags, please visit www.winedoggybag.com or
call toll free 800-401-9014.

Ohio’s new law includes the following language:

Sec. 4301.62
(E) An opened bottle of wine that was purchased from the holder of a permit that authorizes the sale of wine for consumption on the premises where sold is not an opened container for the purposes of this section if both of the following apply:

      • The opened bottle of wine is securely resealed by the permit holder or an employee of the permit holder before the bottle is removed from the premises.  The bottle shall be secured in such a manner that it is visibly apparent if the bottle has been subsequently opened or tampered with.
      • The opened bottle of wine that is resealed in accordance with division (E)(1) of this section is stored in the trunk of a motor vehicle or, if the motor vehicle does not have a trunk, behind the last upright seat or in an area not normally occupied by the driver or passengers and not easily accessible by the driver.

The Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA), founded in 1920, is the leading business trade association for the Ohio foodservice industry, the second largest, private sector employer in Ohio.  ORA represents the interests of the $14 billion restaurant industry, which is comprised of 27,000 locations and a workforce of more than 534,000 employees.  The ORA provides its members with advocacy, information services and education, as well as many cost-saving benefits.  For more information, visit the ORA website at www.ohiorestaurant.org